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The Football Association's (FA) official policy on trans people in football.

Read more: The FA Policy on Trans People in Football

This is a Statutory Code of Practice for services, public functions and associations regarding the Equality Act 2010. Although not legally binding, legislation says the courts must take this into account and therefore it should be treated as such.

The supplement is not statutory guidance, but is a guide to developments since the Code of Practice was published. It brings the reader up to date on the law as it stands on 31 March 2014.

Read more: Services, Public functions and Associations: Statutory Code of Practice

A guide to changing names and genders for trans people, employers and other organisations.

Read more: Changing Names and Gender; A Guide for Employers and Other Organisations

Drawing on the research and responses to the Shine project over the past two years of  engagement amongst trans spectrum people, this resource is aimed at LGBT and mainstream organisations who want to make their organisation truly inclusive for trans people.

Read more: Shining the Light: 10 keys to becoming a trans positive organisation

A quick start guide to gender reassignment for voluntary and community organisations in the provision of goods and services.

Read more: Equality Act 2010: What do I need to know? (Voluntary and Community Sector)

This Armed Forces' current policy on the recruitment and management of transsexual personnel. This document was obtained under the FOI Act and the Ministry of Defence stated that as of September 2014 this is the only policy document regarding this topic.

Read more: Policy for the Recruitment and Management of Transsexual Personnel in the Armed Forces

E-learning module on Caring for Gender Nonconforming Young People.

Read more: E-Learning (Caring for Gender Nonconforming Young People)

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